• Shipwreck Jar 15th century
  • Shipwreck Jar 15th century
  • Shipwreck Jar 15th century

Shipwreck Jar 15th century

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Ø21 x H31 cm


Si Satchanalai jar from Royal Nanhai Shipwreck Circa 1460.
A wreck that has provided important information on the chronology of Thai trade ceramics is known as the Royal Nanhai Wreck, a Siamese junk that is thought to have sunk off the coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea around mid 15th century, supported by carbon 14 dating corresponding to 1400 A.D +/- 70 years. The junk was transporting over 20,000 pieces of green and brown glazed celadon ceramics to Eastern Java. The wreck was discovered in 1992. Most of the Thai cargo consisted of celadon ware from the famous Si Satchanalai kilns as well as black glazed stoneware jars with lids. The presence of blue and white Chinese porcelain confirmed a dating of the cargo to the mid-late 1400s. Of the some 20,000 pieces on board, only 20% were recoverable, with nearly 3,000 pieces going to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. A small number of pieces became available for sale, allowing some of the finest 15th century Si Satchanalai ceramics ever seen to be offered to private collectors and museums around the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Very few pieces remain available for sale today.